Wednesday, 1 March 2017

IQ option Review

IQ option Review - RSI Trading Strategy (Relative Strength Index) - Binary Options

IQ option Review - RSI Trading Strategy (Relative Strength Index) - Binary Options FREE Trading on DEMO Account - While trading binary options on IQ option or other binary options platforms, one of the most important, if not the most important indicator of them all is the Relative Strength Index (or the RSI as it is known) and basically probably there is no trader in this world that didn't look at it at least once or tried to integrate it in the analysis while trading on iq option. The RSI (relative strength index) is offered by all trading platforms either under the oscillators category or under the momentum indicators and the default RSI period to consider is the 14 period. This means the indicator is taking the last 14 candles and interpret the closing levels on it and based on that data is plotted. Like any oscillator in iq option, the RSI or relative strength index is designed to show extreme levels, namely overbought and oversold levels, but it is important to note that RSI trading strategy strategy works best on iq option with markets that are consolidating, namely markets that are in a range. To find such areas in iq option, one should trade patterns that are most likely to be followed by ranging conditions but also it is possible to identify ranges when looking at the trading session you are interested in trading on iq option. For example, in terms of Elliott Waves Theory, an impulsive move has two corrective waves (ranges) that are following impulsive moves of a lower binary options degree.
IQ option Review

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